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Stainless Steel Plate Self-tapping Screws

Stainless Steel Plate Self-tapping Screws

Brand name Golden Age Jinxing Model ssjx-056 Type Machine screw Head Type Flat round Groove type Flower Screw diametre 8mm Screw Length 105mm Application self-tapping Screw size M6 Thread tolerance 6G Nominal length 110mm Surface Galvanize

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Stainless Steel Plate Self-tapping Screws

Screws are generally called wood screws; is the tip of the kind of tip, pitch larger, generally used to tighten wood parts, plastic parts. Mechanical screws, is the front of the kind of screws, the pitch is small, uniform, generally used to fasten the metal, machine parts.

Brand  name: Golden Age Jinxing

Model: ssjx-056

Type: Machine screw

Head Type: Flat round

Groove type: Flower

Screw diametre: 8mm

Screw Length: 105mm

Application: self-tapping

Screw size: M6

Thread tolerance: 6G

Nominal length: 110mm

Surface: Galvanize

Screw application range

1> stainless steel plate, metal plate, galvanized steel plate, engineering installation.
2> metal curtain wall metal light compartment and other indoor and outdoor installation.
3> General angle steel, channel steel, iron plate and other metal materials combined installation.
4> car trunk, container box, shipbuilding, refrigeration equipment and other assembly works.
5> automobile engine, heavy machinery, garden machinery, petrochemical.
6> aerospace, energy, machinery, chemical, military, metallurgy, mold, hydraulic.
7> motorcycles, sports equipment, cars and many other industries.
8> electronics, electrical appliances, motors, lighting, communications, home appliances, furniture.

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