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Casing Pipe Application
Nov 02, 2018
Stainless Steel And Copper Hexagonal Sleeves

What are the effects of the casing pipe?

1. The water supply pipe is casing piped because the pump body or water will cause vibration and pressure of the pipe. If the casing pipe is added, the pressure will be buffered due to the filler between the casing pipe and the pipe. After a long time, the wall surface is cracked to affect the appearance.

2, easy to construct. If the casing pipe is not reserved, it is generally required that the civil construction be used as a square box to fight. After the installation of the pipeline is completed, the civil engineers have to deal with the other hole, which is far from convenient and quick.

3. Easy to repair. If the pipe is to be replaced for some reason, the casing pipe is much more convenient.

4. For those rooms where there may be water on the ground, such as kitchens and bathrooms, the casing pipe is 20mm above the decorative surface, which will prevent the water from flowing down the pipe. In particular, the reserved casing pipe has good contact with the ground which has been waterproofed, and the waterproof performance is much higher than those of the reserved hole and then the hole.

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