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Casing Pipe for Sale
Jun 28, 2018

Stainless Steel And Copper Hexagonal Sleeves1. The casing pipe in construction projects are generally used when water supply and drainage pipes, electrical pipes, cables, man-made air defense pipes and other pipes go through the walls.

2. Water supply and drainage pipe sleeve: The sealing sleeve is used on the wall of man-made defense enclosure (the length is generally 5cm on both sides of the thickness of the wall); when passing through the pool or the outside wall, rigid or flexible sleeves are adopted. The rigid sleeves are the same thickness as the wall. The inside edge of flexible sleeves protrudes about 5-8cm from the outside of the wall, and the outside is flush with the wall.

3. Sleeves for electrical pipes and cables: Rigid waterproof sleeves are used for penetrating the outer wall. Generally, the outer wall and inner edge are flush with the wall according to the length required by the design.

4. The sleeves used in the air duct of civil air defense: Closed sleeves. The length is generally 15cm on both sides of the thickness of the wall or according to the requirements of the design drawings.

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