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Sep 30, 2018

Stainless Steel And Copper Hexagonal Sleeves

Short casing pipe generally include: Magnetic positioning short sections and casing pipe short sections.

Magnetic positioning short section: Short casing pipe used to accurately measure the depth of oil and gas layer during perforation. The casing pipe is usually placed near the top of the oil (gas) layer 30m. Not magnetically processed.

Casing short section: Short casing pipe smaller than the standard length casing pipe. When the casing is lowered, the casing is connected to the short casing pipe of the last casing for adjusting the top surface of the casing string and connected to the cement head. (this is the length of the casing to adjust the casing to meet the depth of the casing to meet the cementing needs)

Magnetic positioning and deepening technology, using composite perforation deepening technology of natural gamma (gr) and magnetic positioning (ccl) oil jackets, which will explain the single well test calibration curve and comprehensive logging curve and casing short section curve. Assessment. Through calculation, the application of this technology can not only avoid the disadvantages of high error of single magnetic positioning depth, but also the accuracy of perforation depth can be increased to 99.98%.

Before the perforating and other measures, the magnetic probe is inserted. On the test curve, the casing coupling can have a jump point on the curve, that is, the position of different casing couplings can be found. The two mutation points that are closer to each other are reflected, that is, the depth of the short casing pipe. From this point down, the required depth can be found to reduce the error.

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