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Introduction of mechanical screws
Jun 15, 2018
Hexagon Flange Screws

Introduction of mechanical screws

For steel materials, the use of machine oil or molybdenum disulfide is generally required for emulsions with high levels of organic solvents or high concentrations. For stainless steel, oil no. 30 or vulcanized oil can be used. When tapping the back tap during the tapping process, it must be screwed into the tapped and screwed thread by hand until it can no longer be screwed in, and then twisted with a twister.

1. When exiting from the final cone, it is also necessary to avoid quick rotation of the hand and it is best to unscrew it by hand to ensure that the tapped quality is not affected.

2. When the machine is attacked, the tap and the screw hole must maintain the coaxiality; when the machine is attacked, the calibration part of the tap cannot be fully out of order, otherwise it will produce turbulence when the car exits the tap.

3, cutting speed when the machine is attacked, the general steel material is 6-15 meters/minute.

4, tempered steel or harder steel material is 5-10 meters / min; stainless steel is 2-7 meters / min.

5, cast iron 8-10 meters / min. In the same material, the tap diameter is smaller and the tap diameter is larger.

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