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Aug 31, 2018
Precision Custom Metal Stamping Parts

Precautions for the use of metal stamping parts

1. Do not store any flammable or explosive materials under the electric gate.

2. Operators are strictly forbidden to chase and chase in the workshop to avoid falling, knocking down products or hurting themselves.

3. Check the equipment according to the inspection contents on the equipment check card, paying special attention to whether the guiding of the punching machine and the braking device are working normally, and the single punching and continuous punching functions are distinct.

4. When installing the mold on the small punch (10T), first loosen the locking device of the guide rail, install the upper and lower molds, and then adjust the travel of the guide rail until the requirements are met and the fastening device is locked. After hitting the single stroke, after locking the upper mold, the lower mold is locked after the oil pressure is clamped, and another inspection is performed before production. ·

5. When discharging materials or manually feeding the blanks, special tools (pliers, hooks) must be used. It is strictly forbidden to send and take the blanks by hand. A single switch must hurt the hand and a double switch. The machine should not leak oil, otherwise it will fall. Do not expose the power supply, it is dangerous.

6. Wear gloves when punching iron pieces, and concentrate on your mind, otherwise you will hurt your hands.

7. In the work, first check whether the equipment is running abnormally, such as single, continuous, unsatisfactory operation or electrical failure, and immediately stop the machine and find the technician on duty.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use the foot switch on the press, and all the original ones of the machine are removed.

9. When cleaning and inspecting the equipment, the power must be turned off and operated.

10. Cut off the power supply, clean and scrub the work surface, remove the mold and store it in the warehouse, and check the lubrication system oil every week.

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