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Aug 14, 2018
Precision Custom Metal Stamping Parts

Precautions for the use of stamping parts

1. When the machine is not in production, cut off the power supply in time.

2. When using short workpieces, use special tools and do not feed or take them by hand.

3. The producer should stand properly, keep the hand and head at a certain distance from the punching machine, and always pay attention to the punching action. It is strictly forbidden to chat with others.

4. During the production, the operator and the mold repairer are strictly prohibited to reach into the mold.

5. When installing the suction fan, the operator must not put the hand on the motor to clean the waste.

6. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers when going to work, so as to avoid the workshop molds, iron blocks and so on. The squad leader, fitter, and mold repairer must wear protective shoes when they go to work;

7. Male workers are strictly forbidden to keep long hair, and female workers must make long hairs to prevent them from getting caught in the flywheel.

8. White oil, alcohol, cleaning agents and other oils should pay attention to fire prevention.

9. Gloves should be worn when packing materials, scraps and molds to avoid scratching your hands.

10. When there is oil quality, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid slipping.

11. Do not wear gloves when drilling and milling machines; use a mask and eye protection when using the grinder to protect yourself.

12. Pay attention to dragging the mold to prevent it from falling on the floor (to lower the flatbed to the bottom of the mold).

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