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Jul 30, 2018
High Precision Stamped Metal Parts

Precautions for stamping parts

1. Both the semi-automatic and manual presses must be equipped with a two-hand brake switch. It is strictly prohibited to press the pedal or one-hand start switch.

2. After the high-flush adjustment, after the normal stamping, close the soundproof box (except for the product 8065 side inspection packaging).

3. During continuous stamping, employees cannot take the product by hand within 1m of the press.

4. When the technician adjusts the machine, only one person can debug, and no two people should debug.

5. The technician adjusts the feeding of the machine, which can only be outside the machine, and the distance is not less than 1m.

6. Always tighten the screws when the mold is placed. Check the screws for 4 hours to stop the screws.

7. When the mold has problems in the production process, it is not necessary to unload the mold. When repairing directly on the machine tool, the power of the injection molding machine must be turned off and the maintenance label must be hung on the power supply box to implement the mold repair.

8. All tools will be returned to the toolbox after they are used up, and they should not be placed on the machine to prevent the tool from slipping and hurting people.

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