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Basic Introduction Of Stamping Parts
Nov 03, 2017

The world's steel, there are $number is the plate, most of which is washed and pressed into the finished product. automobile body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator piece, boiler drum, container shell, motor, electrical iron core silicon steel sheet, etc. are stamping processing. instrumentation, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, living utensils and other products, there are also a large number of stamping parts.

Compared with castings and forgings, stamping parts have the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can make other methods difficult to manufacture with reinforcement, rib, undulating or flanging workpiece to improve its rigidity. Due to the use of precision molds, workpiece accuracy can reach micron level, and repeat the high precision, specifications consistent, you can punch hole nest, convex table and so on.

Cold stamping parts are generally no longer machined by cutting, or require only a small amount of machining. The precision and surface state of hot stamping parts are lower than that of cold stamping parts, but they are still better than castings and forgings.

Stamping is an efficient production method, the use of composite mold, especially multi-position progressive die, can be completed in a pressure machine on a multi-channel stamping process, the realization by the strip unwinding, leveling, blanking to forming, finishing the automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, the general production of hundreds of pieces per minute.

Stamping is mainly classified according to the process, can be divided into separation process and forming process two major categories. Separation process also known as blanking, the purpose is to make the stamping parts along a certain contour line from the sheet separation, while ensuring the quality of the separation section requirements. The surface and intrinsic properties of stamping sheets have a great impact on the quality of the finished product. The stamping material is required to be of precise thickness, uniformity, smooth surface, no spot, no scar, no abrasions, no surface crack and so on, the yield strength is uniform, there is no obvious directivity, the uniform elongation rate is high, the yield ratio is low and the processing hardening is low.

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