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Characteristic Application Of Stamping Parts
Nov 03, 2017

Stamping parts are the use of conventional or special-purpose stamping equipment, the power of the sheet in the mold directly affected by deformation and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of product parts production technology. Sheet, mold and equipment are the three elements of stamping processing. Stamping processing is a kind of metal cold deformation processing method. So, known as cold stamping or sheet stamping, abbreviation stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plasticity machining (or pressure machining), and also belongs to material forming engineering technology.

In the global steel, $number is made of plates, most of which are finished by punching. automobile body, radiator piece, steam drum drum, container shell, motor, electrical iron core silicon steel sheet and so on stamping processing. instrumentation, household appliances, office, and other products, such as storage containers, there are a large number of stampings. Stamping is an efficient pro-... initiative, the adoption of composite mode, the anomaly is a multi-position progressive die, can be completed on a press machine operation of multi-channel stamping, the completion of the automatic production of materials. The production speed is fast, the rest time is long, the pro ... cost is low, the collective can ... hundreds of pieces per minute, by many processing factory's liking.

Stamping parts and castings, forgings struggle, there are thin, uniform, light, strong characteristics. The stamping can make the workpiece with reinforcement, rib, coiled or flanging which is difficult to manufacture in order to improve its rigidity. As a result of the rejection of rough die, workpiece precision can reach micron level, and high precision, specifications consistent, can punch out hole nest, convex table and so on. In the actual production, common and stamping process similar to the process of testing, such as tensile performance test, bulging performance tests, such as the stamping performance of materials to ensure the quality of finished products and high qualified rate.

Stamping with the exception of thick plate water press forming, usually the use of stasis press. With the focus of this high-speed multi-position pressure machine, set up the equipment configuration of unwinding, finished product collection, walk and other stagnant as well as mold library and fast-changing placement, and using the computer French tube bundle, can be composed of high pro ... rate of passive stamping pro ... line. In the case of ... dozens of, hundreds of stamping parts per minute, in the short time to complete stamping, out of parts and other processes, often occurred in person, equipment and quality incident. Therefore, the safety pro ... in stamping is a rather urgent issue.

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