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Discussion On The Testing Process Of Screws
Nov 03, 2017

Procurement and sales know that the quality of the screw is manufactured, not detected, but in the manufacturing, we are sure to do our best to do the quality. But it is not likely to do complete error, complete no errors, we all know that the error is impossible to avoid, can only be infinitely close. Therefore, the quality of the screws needs to be improved by testing the screws.

Starting from the screw line material ordering into the production screw industry manufacturers, it is sure to first detect the wire diameter of screw wire, and the material of the screw, the general screw wire diameter is caliper, measuring the size of the line diameter, whether or not the same size as the order of the self. After testing these, it is in the production process of detection, starting from the screw head, determine the head size, head to side, diagonal, cross groove depth, screw tolerance range and so on. These are measured with calipers. In is to rub tooth when all aspects of detection, the main thing is whether the thread can pass through the check, screw thread can pass the gauge, stop. In the second is the problem of electroplating measurement. After electroplating, is not in line with environmental protection requirements, can not be over the time required by salt mist. Workers with environmental testing machine, salt spray tester.

In short, in the screw production and sales process, the use of the necessary testing screw quality tools must be there, summarized to be summarized as follows: calipers, hardness tester, salt mist machine, environmental testing machine, pass regulations and so on.

When manufacturing sales screws, there is a screw specification and a screw model. with screws and screws, we can understand exactly what the customer needs and what size screws. A lot of screw specifications and screw models are based on the national standard specifications of the model, generally such screws, we call the common screws, the market will generally have. Some non-standard screws, is not according to the national standard specifications model size, is based on the product materials required to come and go to order. There is no spot in the general market. This is done by drawing samples.

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