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Frequently Asked Questions About Stamping Parts
Nov 03, 2017

1. Adhesion, scratches: due to the material and punch or concave mold friction in the workpiece or mold surface of the undesirable;

2. Burr: Mainly occurs in the shearing mode and blanking die, the gap between the cutting edge or large or hour will produce burrs;

3. Line offset: When the workpiece is formed, the first contact with the mold is extruded and formed a line;

4. Convex and concave: the line has foreign bodies (iron filings, rubber, dust) mixed to cause concave and convex;

5. Twists and turns: due to uneven stress, poor matching of drawing ribs or poor control of the compressor slider, such as parts of the R-corner or the pressure flower part of the occurrence of twists and strains;

6. Wrinkles: Due to poor adjustment of the presser slider, low precision of the press, improper adjustment of the air cushion pressure, punching head or large r position, etc. cause the edge or the R part wrinkles.

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