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How To Prevent The Stamping Parts From Turning And Twisting
Nov 03, 2017

⑴. Reasonable mold design. In progressive die, the arrangement of blanking order may affect the precision of stamping parts forming. According to the blanking of the small parts of stamping parts, the blanking of the larger area is arranged first, and then the blanking of the smaller area is arranged to reduce the influence of blanking force on the forming of the pressed parts.

⑵. Press the material. Overcome the traditional mold design structure, open the material gap on the unloading plate (that is, the mold closed, and the material can be compacted. Key forming parts, unloading plate must be made of inlay-block structure, to facilitate the solution of long time stamping caused by the unloading plate pressure material part of the grinding (pressure) loss, but can not press tight material.

⑶. Add pressure function. That is, the thickness of the material of the discharging insert is thickened (the normal discharge inserts the thick h+0.03mm) To increase the pressure on the concave die side materials, thereby inhibiting the blanking and distorting deformation of the stamping part during punching.

⑷. A bevel or arc is fixed at the end of the convex die edge. This is an effective way to reduce the buffering force. Slowing down the blanking force, you can reduce the tensile force on the concave die side material, so as to inhibit the stamping parts to produce material, twist effect.

⑸. In the daily mold production, should pay attention to maintain the punching cutting convex, concave die edge sharpness. When the punching cutting edge is worn, the tensile stress of the material will increase, and the tendency of the stamping parts to turn material and distort is increased.

⑹. The blanking gap is unreasonable or the gap is also the cause of the blanking and twisting of stamping parts, it needs to be overcome.

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