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Custom Made Sheet Metal Stamps

Custom Made Sheet Metal Stamps

The stamping process is a metal processing method based on the plastic deformation of the metal. The mold and the stamping equipment are used to apply pressure to the sheet material to plastically deform or separate the sheet material, thereby obtaining a shape, a size and a performance. Stamping

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Custom Made Sheet Metal Stamps  plays a big role in the metal engineering and fabrication industry. It is a process in which the "sheet" of metal are used to provide a final product with precision metal parts. When a metal sheet is inserted into the press, this is modeled with precision metal parts in the form and in the desired size. 

We work with a wide range of metals, and can produce small to medium sized stamped components using progressive dies, compound dies, cutting dies, or bending and forming dies, with automatic feed or single stroke operation. The dies can perform operations such as blanking, forming, coining, embossment, in-die thread tapping, and in-die assembly. 

The provided Custom Made Sheet Metal Stamps are manufactured using the best quality material and sophisticated technology under the guidance of our expert team. Our principles are provide you with excellent quality products and considerate service, advance together with you hand in hand. If you have any question feel free to contact our professionals who are always available to help you at any time.

Our Commitment

FAST DELIVERY for CNC machined parts.

advanced machining equipment, stream-lined machining process,

delivered precise machined parts on time and meeting the customer requirement!

Make to Precise - Our Company Philosophy.

provide the Multiple Axis Machining

strictly following the requirement of ISO9000 and TS16949 for every step of our machining process.

ensure all procedures are compliance to the requirements, as well as our finished parts.

deliver defect-free parts to our customers.3802230864_2007971072 副本.jpg

3861221956_2007971072 副本.jpg

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